Dealing with a life-threatenig condition is hard, but it's harder if you're just a kid.

Painful treatments, countless nights alone at the hospital and medical limitations which
deny the play and the human interaction. Those are the circumstances millions of kids must face every single day, but the difficulties don’t end there. The emotional trauma suffered reduced their recovering expectations along their life quality drastically.

That's why we are here...

It is scientifically proved video games reduce pain, anxiety and depression during treatment and long hospital stays, but not every child has access to a video game console or any toy at all due to the medicines high cost and their social conditions.

That’s why Gamers Sans Frontieres gives a percentage of every order to non-profit children organizations and donates toys and video games to children facing serious illness.

How can we achieve it?

  • Support our products

    Every time you buy in Gamers Sans Frontieres a part of the profit is used to buy the toys and the video games that will be donated.

  • Donate your consoles

    New or the one you don’t use anymore. Even if they need to be repair, our team will take upon the task.

  • Collaborate with us

    Are you a content creator with a great idea on how achieve our objectives? We'd be glad to hear you.

We go where we are needed

We'll make the possible to get to that hospital or thar particular child needing us. Got a special case you'd like to tell us?

Write us!

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