Let's give a hand to GAMERS OUTREACH. Are you ready?

Feeling alone, facing the pain and the fear of being subject to scary treatments and be bored to depression is hard. Now imagine how could a little kid feel all that.

Luckily for the world, Gamers Outreach's team is giving hope, joy and a relief from the pain through the power of video games

From now on, every time your order something from us a part of the profit will go to Gamers Outreach, who will use the money to fund their activities like building more awesome Go Karts and much more!

Goal: 5.000 t shirts (or its equivalent in any other item)

Deadline: December 20th

Follow us to know if we reached our goal!

We will keep the updates coming in both, our social medial and this blog, so you can celebrate with us!

Here's some information from our friends in Gamers Outreach


Disclaimer: Gamers Sans Frontieres is not affiliate in any way to Gamers Outreach. This is an independent effort to support a cause without the intervention from the beneficiary

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