Video Games Where You Play As A Dragoon

Video Games Where You Play As A Dragoon

No, that's not a misspelling. We won't be talking about those mythological fire breathing lizards known as dragons, but we are going to enter into the fascinating world of the dragoons, those tragic medieval soldiers who were blessed with the ability to turn into... dragons. Yeah, I'd be confused too, but keep reading, since we're going to give you enough reasons to dust off your first Play Station to play one of the most beautiful but forgotten cult game: The Legend of the Dragoon.

You may be thinking "Hey! In the title you promised me a list of video games where I could incarnate a dragoon!", and you are right, however, our exhaustive investigation didn't find any other video game with that feature (Panzer Dragoons doesn't count because you control the rider on the dragoon, not the dragoon itself). Sorry about the clickbait...  so, let's change the head of the article!

5 Reasons why you should play/re-play The Legend of the Dragoon

  1. A great alternative to the Final Fantasy saga

1999 was a great year for the RPG genre (May be the best year for the video games industry). Chrono Cross, Persona 2, Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete and, of course, Final Fantasy VIII. So, if you were a fan of the strategy games and the elegant art of taking turns to beat the hell out of your opponents, surely you had plenty of options to play, but, if you wanted something beyond entering a command and watching the action from a safe distance, then, this game is for you.

The attack system in The Legend of the Dragoon was one of a kind,  introducing a method known as "addition", where after having selected to attack your target you had to push X at a specific pace to chain hit after hit. If you miss the right time to push the button you would miss the hit and the rest of the attack. This strange system made the turns more dynamic and inmmersive, since you had to pay extreme attention instead of just watching your characters delivering their own attacks.


Dart attacking Legend of the Dragoon

 Yeah, it is weird at the start, but as time passes, it becomes a funny and entertaining challenge


  1. Crazy religious story with goofy heartwarming moments

There is no easy way to put it. The lore of this game is connected by a series of apocalyptic myths and divine entities that are both the object of worship for religious cults for moral guidance and the object of desire for bad guys with delusions of grandeur.

I remember the first time I read about "The moon that never sets" and how it was created to keep at bay the god of destruction, the 108th species created that will obliterate every form of life from Earth. Not gonna lie, maybe you are going to need to refer to the wiki if you wnat to fully understand everything that's going on, but, once you get it, you are going to enjoy it a lot.

 Dart Rose and Albert fighting

  1. The music is a different experience

I'm not a music connoisseur at all, but I can tell you I can't remember any other OST that has this unique strangely sophisticated combination of elegance and aerobic tones. Maybe you won't like it, but you'll find it intriguing and different, and that's something that is worth experimenting for yourself.

Special mention to the menu theme... the menu has its own theme and it feels like a the elevator tone of a magical law firm


  1. Rose

A 11,000 year old dark magic beauty who wears the sexiest outfit in the game. Just look (and hear) at her.

Rose From The Legend of the Dragoon

"She is a beautiful warrior with a sharp tongue and a deadly sword. She will teach Dart much about the art of Dragoon warfare and fights besides him in many battles. There is a well-guarded mystique about her"
The Gmae Manual

  1. The magic to find undervalued treasures

A million copies sold is clearly a low number when you compare it to the more than 13 million from Final Fantasy 7. Sadly the low sales is part of the cult games, a magic that takes away the hopes for a sequel. However, that doesn't take away from you the chance to enjoy a well done game, created with an undoubted passion and an evident love for the RPGs and the video games in general.

Legend of the dragoon Shana