Nostalgia for Sale!

Nostalgia for Sale!

The world used to be a better place when my pixelated memories didn't have a luxury tag.

As a 90s-decade gamer, I grew up with many fantastic video game characters that saw me overcome the obstacles of becoming older. For example, I know that I wouldn't be able to face that scary math test if Bill and Lance from Contra wouldn't show me the importance of patience, perseverance and a laser-guided memory. Likewise, seeing a tiny Cecil facing a disproportionately big Golbez in Final Fantasy IV made me realize that my bullies weren't that strong, and there was no reason to fear them.

As you can see, I have a deep love for the games that (not exaggerating) made me who I am now; that's why I feel an unpleasant combination of anger and sadness when the big companies use those lovely memories to try to sell us the leftovers of the past week at a high price.

I don't want to sound ungrateful since I do appreciate companies bringing back the awesome video games from the most beautiful time of my life; however, putting a $60 tag on a poorly designed emulator (I'm looking at you Nintendo...), a questionable remaster (I'm looking at you GTA...) or the same old game in a new box (looking at you Limited Run...) is something that just feels wrong.

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I am a believer in the importance of keeping the past alive. So you won't only get a safe place to return to from time to time, but also gratitude for the way we all as a gamer society have gone through; however, I am sure there are better ways to let the present generations enjoy those little gems.

"How?" you may ask. Well, I could write thousands and thousands of words about what a remaster should have to be called "new" or the proper form to include old video games inside the new ones, but, being honest, that could be a romantic and highly subjective point of view; that is why the most practical solution is: lower the price.

In the end, those companies are not investing in development. The marketing was already done twenty years ago, and they got all the profits they were expecting, meaning whatever amount of money you get from here and out is just an extra. So is it crazy to expect a Resident Evil 1 for PS5 for just $5 bucks since I already paid full price for it long ago? Maybe, but it is a nice dream, isn't it?

Anyway, thanks a lot for reading. I hope after you end this article, you go and blow some cartridges to rekindle the excitement of your inner child before it's too late.