playing video games improve your focus and concentration

Do playing video games improve your focus and concentration?

Playing video games enhances your ability to focus on the relevant information sources and screens out distractions at the same time. Video gaming aims to work on visual attention skills, thereby working closely with the brain. Researchers demonstrate that just one hour spent playing video games positively impacts cognitive development. How children perceive, learn, think, solve problems and dispositions, and adapt well to environmental and physiological conditions depends on their cognitive development! 

Unpacking the concept of focus and concentration

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Video games undoubtedly contribute to a child's learning in many viable ways. Your children's access to gaming affirms that they learn life skills, such as reading maps, negotiating trade, adapting to the work ethics, and adjusting well to a broader spectrum of social dynamics developing beyond any normal individual's learning capability and perception. Unpacking the concept of focus and concentration, the mental health benefits of video games enrich lives by utilizing something they are willing to participate in and learn from. Here are a few research-based facts that highlight how video games screen in the relevant information while brushing aside what's considered a "distraction."

1) Give a better problem-solving attitude

Open-world, mission-based, and multi-level games carve out a problem-solving attitude. Dealing in intricate problem-solving puzzles involving hours of thinking, hone your child's problem-solving skills, angling things down to a definitive solution. The ability to think on their toes and strategize according to a dynamically changing environment is a skill that your child develops while playing video games at a very young age. According to a study established in 2013, children who played strategy-based video games were more likely to solve problems via sharpened analysis-based skills and tend to get better grades. 

2) Increase the brain's gray matter 

Disguised as fun and frolic, video games come as a workout or an exercise for the brain. With more muscle control, better memory, higher perception, and splendid spatial navigation, video games boost the brain's connectivity with the other organs. This leads to an enhancement towards an improved thinking capability and more efficient motor skills. Many complex brain processes are put in place to improve your intelligence, with the gray matter functioning in an awesome shape. 

3) Turn your child physically proactive 

VR gaming evolution has led gamers off the couch and on their feet. The real transformation has been from being virtually connected to being physically active during gaming sessions. With the mobile game programmers creating games played around in the virtual space, the gamers have been inspired to relocate and advance to the new era of the virtual world. Gamers like Vader Immortal(Lucas Films,2020), and The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners(Skydance interactive, 2020), introduce you to those awesome worlds where you need to put your physical being to survive the hostility. 

4) Help boost mood for a positive vibe

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Video games boost mood and improve overall mental health. They bring in a positive vibe that can help relieve stress in the long run. Proving a great way to stimulate your mind helps alleviate depression and anxiety. It might be due to increased socialization, engagements, and interactions. Games played online don't let people avoid society, thus forcing gamers to stimulate multiple different areas of their brain deeply. Video games certainly are a sense of revitalization. 

Much needed for a better mental health

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Being a great way to revitalize your mental health and positive well-being, video games continue to provide emotional stability. Playing all kinds of games under this category improves your focus and resilience to fight back and come stronger with a better strategy to counter complex situations. When you are playing a game and enjoying it, you solely focus on the events within the game world. This is what makes your inner self get stronger gradually. Time to get your consoles ready and hit the couch, heading straight to your favorite game with the beloved company!