Best tips for you to look like a gamer girl

Best tips for you to look like a gamer girl

There has always been a fuss about males dominating the gaming industry, console or mobile gaming. Streamers are seen trolling and despising their female counterparts on many grounds. Girls have to take a lot of criticisms, name callings, demeaning remarks and get noob-zoned by male streamers. However, being a girl in the gaming industry also has its advantages. Lately, girl streamers have gained momentum and become solid contenders and rivals in the gaming community. Since many female gamers are rising and breaking the shackles of stereotypes society has set. If you too wish to stream your favorite game and to gain audience support, you should know a few key ingredients of a successful gamer.

Here are some best-suggested tips to consider before starting your glamorous pursuit of being called a gamer-girl. 

5 Best To-Dos To Look Like A Gamer-Girl

  • Avoid using all pinky gaming consoles and outfit
  • To gain the respect of gamers and not end up running a cosplay drama show, you should avoid using pink outfits and gadgets all the time. For showcasing your feminine essence and ambiance of the room, you may put up some images with a thoughtful message. But surely, a cool outfit from a video game merchandise site with your name or team initials and a fancy tagline will catch your audience's attention, and this will help you establish a name for yourself. There are lots of great options when we talk about gaming merch, however, not all of them let you customize your design to engage with your audience, that’s why we recommend you to visit our store. Want something with your personal branch logo on it? No problem! Just contact us!

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  • Have an understanding of game streaming platforms
  •  Deciding on which platform you would like to stream your game has become simpler as we have plenty of options such as Twitch, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, etc. It has become much easier with game-specific community sites like Reddit and discord, where you could discuss things with the audience and strategize your streaming plans with the team.

  • Do not announce that you’re a gamer
  • If you want to portray yourself as a gamer and want to gain gradual trust and maintain engagement with the audience, you wouldn't want to endorse yourself as a gamer, a pro player. The online audience has the super strength of trolling and making pseudo-pro players/streamers infamous.

  • Know your equipment and gadgets
  • It is an essential step to consider before we think of anything else. Having the right gaming equipment with a good server and stable internet connection ensures a better gaming experience. Choose a high-end PC or good gaming console to make your gaming effortless and smoother. Gadgets: A good video streaming webcam or a little fancier; Elgato 4k setup for digital camera, only if the budget isn't a concern.

  • Do not stream outdated games
  • It is advisable not to stream games that are no more appealing to the audience. Games that are known yet do not have a fanbase aren't recommended. We don't endorse the idea of streaming-only latest games but pick a game that best suits your skills, or you're good at and have a moderate fan following.

    Gamer girls are the new role models for young Gen-Z girls.

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    There are numerous other Dos and Don’ts such as preparing a theme, a well game room décor with some awesome pillows or a astonishing framed poster (post picture below), a fancy gaming chair, a gaming logo with your pseudo name or initials on tops, tanks, and t-shirts; Gamer Sans Frontieres have some amazing printed tank tops for women

    You should also be interactive and connect with the audience. Join hands with other gamers, assemble a team, be active on social media, and be regular with streaming. Also, maintaining your privacy is a must thing as you interact with a large number of people, and certainly, there are creeps who could harm you directly or indirectly. Never reveal your actual name, identity, or place of residence. For all such concerns and to shop the essentials that you require to set yourself up with a full-fledged gaming avatar, Gamers Sans Frontieres could be your one-stop solution. They have some amazing gaming outfits and accessories.

    Last but not least, joining a humanitarian cause can hold your back every step of the way, since you are not playing just for fun, but also because you see the potential in video games to unite humanity in a single passion while helping good causes in the world. Gamers Sans Frontieres is supporting this kind of movement around the globe every day! Go check the charities page and contact us if you want to support us: